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Are you looking for a sail? First define your plan: inshore, offshore, offshore or inshore racing...

This choice will influence the quality, condition and cut requirements of your sail.

Coastal cruising, with a return to port planned every evening or almost every night, does not have the same requirements as racing or offshore cruising, for example.

By defining your sailing programme, you will define the criteria for choosing your sail: longevity, robustness, reliability, simplicity, performance. Translated with (free version)

Your budget

The budget for a complete set of sails can be very high, whether you choose the new or the second hand.
A sail is the result of a complex and long work !
On the budget side, you will find in second hand sails a whole range of prices: from the highest, for noble and almost new sails, to the lowest and the price depends of course often on the condition of the sail.

Buying a second-hand sail can save you money on the budget allocated to your sails and selling your second-hand sails can help you finance new sails.

If your budget is very small, you will find sails for your purse, but always make sure that the condition of your sails is good and safe.

Your boat, its rigging and fittings

If you don't yet know your boat like the back of your hand, take a look at your rigging and fittings!

The dimensions of a sail are of course of prime importance. For example, a sail must be able to be correctly tensioned and the choice of a headsail must also be made according to its coverage ratio. A spinnaker that is too big will not inflate well and a spinnaker that is too small will not be very effective!

Also choose your sail according to your fittings: for example, for your headsail, do you have a furling system or is the sail mounted on a forestay?

Ask for advice !

To help you in your choice of sails, ask for advice from the professionals around you! We can never say it enough, sails are the engines of our boats!

How to sell second hand sails ?

Post an ad for your sail
You are contacted by email or telephone
Meet the buyer to show the sail
You are paid directly by the buyer

How to buy a second hand sail?

Look for the right sail
Contact the owner by email or telephone
Meet the seller to examine the sail
Pay the seller directly